2024-2025 Technical Assistance for Medicaid HCBS Improvements

2024-2025 Technical Assistance for Medicaid HCBS Improvements

As ARPA funding winds down, ADvancing States is partnering with the Laura and John Arnold Foundation to provide other opportunities for states to improve their Medicaid LTSS programs and support more Medicaid recipients to receive services in the community. Using CMS’s LTSS Rebalancing Toolkit, input from state leaders, and other resources, ADvancing States has identified four options for state technical support:

  1. Addressing emerging needs: Develop pre-Medicaid and/or pre-LTSS support options to delay the need for Medicaid LTSS.
  2. Accelerating the HCBS eligibility process: Improve eligibility and enrollment processes so HCBS is a viable option in critical moments.
  3. Making data useful: Leverage existing data to divert individuals from nursing facilities and prevent gaps in HCBS.
  4. Partnering to increase HCBS access: Strategically contract with health plans and/or providers to maximize access to HCBS.

Additional information about these strategies is available in a recent issue brief. Click here to read the brief.

Technical Assistance

ADvancing States will provide technical assistance to one state over an 18-month period beginning in Summer 2024 to implement initiatives related to the strategies listed above.

ADvancing States will engage with the designated state teams to identify goals and desired outcomes, build an implementation strategy and timeline, provide project management support, and assist with implementation activities. Technical assistance will be tailored to fit the state’s needs.

The technical assistance may include activities such as:

  • Developing a project management plan with key timelines and milestones for implementation;
  • Researching and analyzing existing policies and identifying barriers;
  • Conducting gap analyses of current processes to identify needed intervention;
  • Engaging with stakeholders; and
  • Assisting with drafting proposed policy changes (i.e., providing guidance on waiver or state plan amendments) and
  • Assisting with drafting guidance and education for managed care plans, providers, and beneficiaries.

It is expected that state staff will meet virtually with ADvancing States on a bi-weekly basis, and identify state resources to implement the necessary system and program changes to support the selected strategy. ADvancing States will also conduct up to three on-site visits to support the state’s progress. 

How to Apply

To apply for Technical Assistance to improve Medicaid HCBS, states must complete the online application at this link: https://survey.alchemer.com/s3/7488510/Application-for-Technical-Assistance-for-Medicaid-HCBS-Improvement

The deadline to apply is Friday, May 3, 2024.


Please feel free to reach out to Camille Dobson or Rachel Neely with any questions.