ADvancing States' Public Policy Committees

ADvancing States’ Public Policy Committees

In order to ensure that association policy positions reflect the views and needs of membership, ADvancing States operates two public policy committees that guide our work.  These include a committee on Medicaid and Long-term Services and Supports; and a committee on Aging and Disability Services.  

These committees meet on a monthly basis to provide guidance regarding policy and programmatic issues related to Medicaid-funded long-term services and supports. The committees provide suggestions and feedback that:

  • Inform the development and implementation of ADvancing States’ annual federal policy agenda;

  • Assist ADvancing States staff as they respond to legislative and regulatory proposals; and

  • Support ADvancing States staff to develop tools and strategies to provide technical assistance to state government agencies that assist state policy development efforts.

Membership on the committees is on a volunteer basis.  The committees are led by a Chair who is a member of the ADvancing States Board of Directors and a Co-Chair who is a representative of the association membership.  Positions that are developed through the committee process are subject to review and approval by the ADvancing States Board of Directors.

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Committee on Aging and Disability Policy

ADvancing States Staff Contact – Conor Callahan,

Chair: Nels Holmgren, Utah

Co-Chair: Jessica Bax, Missouri

Amy Porter, Connecticut

 Amy Penrod, Kansas

 Todd Coffey, Colorado

 Bea Rector, Washington

 Brian Majeski, Iowa

 Carlos Moya, New Mexico

 Carrie Molke, Wisconsin

 Abby Cox, Georgia

 Cynthia Brammeier, Nebraska

 Alexis Travis, Michigan

 Gerry Dickinson, South Carolina

 Jennifer Fox, Montana

 Lisa Osvold, Wyoming

 Louise Rush, New Jersey

 Marcia DuBois, Virginia

 Kari Benson, Minnesota

 Angela Smith-Dieng, Vermont

 Michael Brewer, Missouri

 Marnie Mountjoy, Kentucky

 Patricia Yu, Massachusetts

 Rebecca Snellen, Oklahoma

 Rona Kramer, Maryland

 Ursula McElroy, Ohio

 Susan Engels, Washington


Committee on Medicaid and LTSS Policy

ADvancing States Staff Contact – Abby Holm,

Chair: Kathleen Dougherty, Delaware

Co-Chair: Kevin Hancock, Pennsylvania

Alex Bartolic, Minnesota

 Alec Graham, Washington

 Amy Penrod, Kansas

 Jessica Bax, Missouri

 Bea Rector, Washington

 Brad Ridley, Kansas

 Colin Laughlin, Colorado

 Deb Etheridge, Alaska

 Eunice Medina, Florida

 Heather Leschinsky, Nebraska

 Jane-ellen Weidanz, Oregon

 Jill Sark, Montana

 Tyler Deines, Wyoming

 Kevin Bagley, Utah

 Leah Pogoriler, Colorado

 Nancy Maier, North Dakota

 Paula James, Florida