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The I&R Support Center hosts webinars on a regular basis with I&R Specialists concerning topics of interest to those who work in the field of aging and disability Information and Referral/Assistance. Webinars are recorded and are available for on-demand viewing at no cost on ADvancing States IQ, our online learning center. Webinar presentations and any handouts are available with the webinar recordings. If you are new to ADvancing States IQ, simply create an account for yourself to access recorded webinars. See the table below for available webinars; search functions allow you to find webinars by keyword, content category, or year. Click the title of the webinar to access the recording and materials on IQ. 

Information on upcoming webinars is disseminated through the I&R Center’s distribution list; to join, please click here


I&R Webinars

Title Description Date
Supporting Disabled Veterans and their Caregivers

In this webinar, attendees heard about the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) caregiver support program and the free services offered by this trusted organization. They learned how to navigate and connect with DAV’s inventory of no-cost resources and services for veterans and their caregivers. Additionally, a program representative shared specific examples of how DAV and the DAV Auxiliary team have helped veterans and their caregivers as they navigate the often-difficult adjustment to civilian life. 

IQ Category: Consumer Access to Services

May 15, 2024
Unlocking Support: Alzheimer's Association 24/7 Helpline

This webinar aims to provide a foundation to understand the basics of Alzheimer's and dementia, the importance of early detection and the diagnostic process, and current FDA approved treatments for Alzheimer's. You will hear about the challenges and stressors caregivers experience and also gain an understanding of the role of the 24/7 Helpline and when to refer your clients for support.

IQ Category: Consumer Access to Services

April 11, 2024
Putting MIPPA to Work: Tools to Help Connect Clients to Benefits

Due to out-of-pocket costs, Medicare beneficiaries with lower incomes and resources may delay or go without needed health care or prescription medication. I&R professionals can help connect clients to programs that help lower-income Medicare beneficiaries with their health and prescription drug costs. Join this webinar to learn about the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008 (MIPPA), the federal legislation that authorizes federal grants to states and tribes to provide outreach and assistance to eligible Medicare beneficiaries for benefit programs that help to lower their Medicare costs. Gain insight into the benefit programs that provide financial assistance to eligible beneficiaries: the Medicare Savings Programs (MSP) and the Low-Income Subsidy (LIS, also known as Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Costs). Additionally, representatives from the National Council on Aging (NCOA) and ADvancing States will share highlights from recent research and discuss information and tools from their respective organizations that I&R professionals can use to strengthen their knowledge of MIPPA and these programs as well as provide outreach to their communities.

IQ Category: Medicaid, Medicare and Health Care Coverage

March 21, 2024
SLTCOP for I&R/a Professionals

Understanding the Long-Term Care Ombudsman program (LTCOP) is important for Information and Referral/Assistance professionals. This webinar explores the role and responsibilities of the LTCOP. The Ombudsman program serves as an advocate for residents of nursing homes and residential care communities. At the end, participants will know when it's appropriate to refer callers to the LTCOP and what kind of assistance the caller can expect to receive. 

IQ Category: Preventing Abuse and Exploitation

February 6, 2024
Certification for I&R/A Specialists in Aging/Disabilities (CRS-A/D) Training

This training provides an overview of key competencies needed for aging and disability I&R/A professionals and provides preparation for the AIRS Certification exam for Community Resource Specialists in Aging/Disabilities (CRS-A/D). Supplemental Resources:

  1. CRS-AD Training - Presentation
  2. I&R Training Resource Communication Examples for I&R Process
  3. CRS-AD PPT Activity #2 Empathetic Statements
  4. CRS-AD PPT Activity #4 One-page Profile
  5. In Case of Crisis, and I Don’t Know What to Say Reference Sheet
  6. HCBS Programs and Services Packet 2021
  7. Disability for IR Specialists Programs and Services Packet
December 6, 2023
More Calls, Increased Needs: Trends and Developments in I&R/A Services

Join the National I&R Support Center and our partner, the National Council on Independent Living, for a presentation on key trends and developments in Information & Referral/Assistance services. This webinar draws on findings from the 2023 Aging and Disability I&R/A National Survey. This comprehensive survey explored the landscape of I&R/A services in areas such as staffing, referrals and unmet needs, partnerships, standards, training, and more.  

IQ Category: Consumer Access to Services

November 8, 2023
Words Matter: Advancing Language that Reframes Aging

Communication is at the heart of Information and Referral. I&R professionals communicate with individuals, families, and community members every day. I&R specialists know the power of words. Join this webinar to learn about Reframing Aging and communication practices that advance age-inclusive language. Reframing aging promotes aging as a part of the human experience that engages all of us.

IQ Category: Community Integration

October 11, 2023