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Support Center Publishes Issue Brief on I&R/A Service Delivery

ADvancing States has published findings from the Aging and Disability 2023 Information and Referral/Assistance (I&R/A) National Survey. ADvancing States’ National Information and Referral Support Center, in partnership with the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL), conducted this comprehensive survey to assess the current landscape of I&R/A programs serving older adults, people with disabilities, and caregivers. Findings from the survey highlight trends and developments in the provision of I&R/A services. Survey findings will be published in a series of issue briefs focusing on service delivery, quality assurance, technology, and partnerships.

The first issue brief in the series, Service Delivery in the Aftermath of a Pandemic: Findings from the Information and Referral/Assistance National Survey, shares survey findings on job responsibilities, work settings, and workforce issues; community needs including service requests and unmet needs; and the collection and use of demographic information. This look at I&R/A service delivery provides a window into community needs and the valuable role of I&R/A professionals in helping individuals access community resource information.   

Click here to access the issue brief.

Updated Training Course Available on Adult Protective Services

ADvancing States is pleased to announce the release of an updated training course on An Introduction to Adult Protective Services. This training course can be found on ADvancing States IQ, our online learning center. As identified in our recent national survey of I&R/A programs, training on APS is prioritized by many programs. 

This course highlights the core pillars of the APS program. Participants will gain an understanding of APS, the history of these services, and the standard APS practice model. States have played a key role in shaping APS programs. This course will help participants identify state structures for APS programs as well as understand the federal role in supporting the programs. Participants will also learn about training, technical assistance, and other resources for APS programs. Through the course, participants will gain insight into the importance of public awareness of adult maltreatment and the value of person-centeredness in supporting individuals at-risk of and experiencing abuse.

To access the training course, see the Preventing Abuse and Exploitation course category on ADvancing States IQ. This course is offered at no cost. New users to IQ simply need to create an account for themselves.

Training Course Available on the Needs of People Living with Alzheimer's

ADvancing States’ I&R Support Center is pleased to announce the release of a new training course on ADvancing States IQ, our online learning center. This course, Identifying and Understanding the Needs of People Living with Dementia and Their Caregivers, was developed in partnership with the Alzheimer's Association. 

This course will further participants’ understanding of Alzheimer’s and other dementias and what differentiates these conditions from typical aging. Participants will learn communication strategies to provide phone support to someone living with early-stage dementia. The course describes the impact that dementia can have on caregivers in order to prepare community resource professionals for empathetic phone interactions. Participants will strengthen their knowledge of resources to assist individuals and caregivers through learning about the role of the Alzheimer’s Association® and the support that it offers to those affected by Alzheimer's and other dementia. 

To access the training course at no cost, see the Consumer Access to Services course category on ADvancing States IQ. If you are new to IQ, you simply need to create an account for yourself. 

ADvancing States’ National I&R Support Center Releases Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Profiles

The National I&R Support Center held a contest in the spring of 2022 to identify and disseminate promising practices that can help strengthen current and future disaster readiness and response within the Information & Referral/Assistance (I&R/A) field. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and a wide range of disaster and emergency situations, I&R/A programs have played a vital role in connecting individuals, caregivers, and families to needed services and resources. The Support Center is pleased to release promising practice profiles of Atlantis Community, Inc. and the Aging and Disability Resource Center – Hawai’i Island, the first and second place contest awardees. Atlantis’ I&R/A program has been an anchor point for responding to the needs of community members during the pandemic, engaging with new and existing community partners, and fostering development of new programs in areas such as technology access, vaccine information, and emergency transition services. The ADRC – Hawai’i Island, in responding to the pandemic, developed and implemented a Person-Centered Emergency Planning Program that includes training, an individualized Emergency Planning Workbook and support in completing this workbook, and items to start personalized emergency kits. See the promising practice profiles to learn more about these innovative approaches to disaster preparedness and response.

Click here for the profile Atlantis Community Inc. Strengthens Disaster Response through Intentional Partnerships

Click here for the profile Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) – Hawai’i Island Fosters Disaster Preparedness through Person-Centered Emergency Planning

Issue Brief Examines Key I&R/A Technology Developments

The National Information & Referral Support Center is pleased to share the release of the issue brief A New Standard of Innovation: Findings from the I&R/A Technology Survey. This issue brief summarizes and shares quantitative and qualitative findings from the Aging and Disability Information and Referral/Assistance Technology Short Survey to inform understanding of key technology developments and highlight approaches that may be useful in the current situation or in future disaster situations. This survey, administered by ADvancing States’ I&R Support Center in 2021, gathered data in several key areas including service modality and call volume; social media; the resource database; Information Technology systems; remote work; and new technologies for staff and client engagement.

Information on National Vaccine Initiatives and Resources

ADvancing States’ website features information on the National Vaccine Initiatives --USAging and NCOA funding opportunities to increase the number of older adults and people with disabilities who received the updated COVID-19 vaccine or annual flu vaccine. Grantees include State Agencies on Aging and Disabilities, Area Agencies on Aging, No Wrong Door Systems/Aging and Disability Resource Centers, Centers for Independent Living, community organizations, and others. Information and resources featured on the website include outreach and community engagement strategies for vaccination programs, planning vaccination clinics, potential partners, and ADvancing States’ recent resource, “State COVID-19 & Influenza Vaccination Initiatives—Promising Practices”, are featured. ADvancing States also has a COVID-19 section on our website with federal guidance and state information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Monthly Technical Assistance Webinars

Click here to view recent I&R technical assistance webinars coordinated by the National I&R Support Center.