State-Community Collaborative Think Tank

​The State-Community Collaborative Think Tank was a group of State partners and developing Network Lead Entities (NLEs) who met between January and August of 2021 to discuss ways to support and enhance Community Integrated Health Networks (CIHNs) in their states.
CIHNs are a network of community-based organizations led by NLEs. The NLE provides administrative functions and enters into contracts with health care organizations to address long terms services and supports needs, behavioral health and social determinants of health of community members through the network. In many cases, developing NLEs are organizations who are also funded through the Older Americans Act, which has resulted in questions from State Units on Aging as they seek to understand their role in the growth and development of CIHNs and clarify expectations related to monitoring, reporting and management of conflicts of interest.
The State-Community Collaborative Think Tank approached the questions related to the complexity of the development of these structures from their unique viewpoints (State Units on Aging and developing Network Lead Entities) and then brought unresolved questions and concerns to each other and the Administration for Community Living as a means to have transparent conversations and promote collaboration amongst all parties.
Ultimately, the goal for the State-Community Collaborative Think Tank was to work across State and NLE partners to build a unified and consistent approach to program delivery across a broad geographic area, resulting in viable, contract-based partnerships with health sector entities such as health plans and health systems, including those that have an opportunity to expand or enhance ties with current buyers of their services.

Download the State-Community Collaboration in Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic: The Florida Meals Initiative State and Local Partnership report.