How to Prepare

What can you do now to prepare?

  1. Meet with your provider networks and share the news that soon the state will be urging the adoption of this tool. 
  2. Share this resource with your other LTSS agencies for cross-agency collaboration so that they can also use the data for planning.
  3. Develop a marketing campaign so that workers know that Direct Care Careers is the way to apply for jobs in long-term services and supports.
  4. Have meetings with the associations and unions representing the various LTSS workers to highlight the website and encourage participation.
  5. Partner with your workforce and licensing boards to get the message out to potential candidates/workers who may be able to fill some of the necessary positions and ask them to direct traffic to the website.
  6. If your state has already launched a website similar to this, consider redirecting the website to to take advantage of the sophisticated algorithms in the software.

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