Aging Programs

ADvancing States has resources available to assist state aging and disability agencies operate, administer, and oversee their Older Americans Act (OAA) and other state-funded aging programs. With the launch of this new section of the ADvancing States website, we have also released a new tool for states –including an interactive map that allows you to click on any a state andand have easy access to their State Plan on Aging as required under the OAA. We believe this iswill be a useful tool for state agency directors and staff as they work to develop their state plans and learn from their peers.

Click on the folders below to explore our Virtual Binder for New Aging and Disabilities Directors: 

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Resources currently available for Aging Programs include:

  • Enhanced Technical Assistance in Implementing the 2024 OAA Final Rule. Advancing States is providing states with access to enhance technical support and guidance for implementing the many updates and changes in the 2024 OAA final rule. Assistance includes: comparative analysis of states policies, procedures and contractual processes; development of State Plan on Aging amendment and Corrective Action Plan; comprehensive checklist of activities states need to undertake to be in compliance, and more.    
  • ADvancing States Policy Committee on Aging & Disability Policy. This committee, which meets monthly via teleconferenceZoom, informs association policy positions, analyzes legislation and regulations that impact state aging and disability programs, and assist staff with developing technical assistance tools relating to the OAA or other programs.
  • Ad Hoc Technical Assistance. Have a question, issue, or concern on an aging-related topic? ADvancing States staff are always available to help support state aging and disability agency staff in any way that they can.
  • Federal and National Partner Engagement. ADvancing States continuously engages with our partners in the Administration and Congress to educate and push for additional support for state agency priorities and needs. We also are engagedcollaborate with numerous other national organizations that work to improve care for older adults.
  • In-State Meetings and Research Calls. As a part of an increased focus on aging work the association has conducted a number of in-person, face-to-face in-state visits with state aging and disability agency staff. We are also engaged in a series of “research calls” with various state directors to further inform our aging technical assistance portfolio. Note: in-state visits are limited based on staff capacity and funding resources.

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