Staff Directory

Martha Roherty, Executive Director



Camille Dobson, Deputy Executive Director


Abby Cox, Senior Director of Aging Policy 


Armando Holguin, Director of Operations


Gabe Passos, Director of Executive Relations 


​April Young, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives


Molly Bohnsack, Project Portfolio Manager 


Conor Callahan, Policy Associate



Patcy Calustro, Staff Accountant



Imani Featherson, Policy Associate


Samantha Gardner, Senior Policy Associate 


Kathy Greenlee, Senior Director of Elder Justice Initiative


Nathan Hawayek, Communications & Junior Policy Associate 


Kristin Helfer Koester, Medicare Program Associate



Emily Henault, Communications & Junior Policy Associate 


Abby Holm, Senior Policy Associate


Annie Kimbrel, Senior Policy Associate, Aging


Rachel Neely, Director of LTSS Policy


Emily O'Brien, Senior Communications and Outreach Coordinator



Katie Pagett, Executive Assistant


Rosa Plasencia, Director, National Core Indicators-Aging and Disabilities (NCI-AD)



Courtney Priebe, Policy Associate 




Nanette Relave, Senior Director of the National I&R Support Center


Holly Riley, Director of Aging Services 


Sharee Rines, Senior Policy Associate


Yonda Snyder, Director of Aging Administration


Ana Velasquez, Program Coordinator