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View selected publications below related to the State Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program: A Primer for State Aging Directors and Executive Staff


Business Opportunity for Community-Based Organizations: MLTSS Ombudsman


Issue Brief: State LTCOP in the Development of State Aging Plans


Long Term Care Ombudsman Program Reporting Systems


Charting the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program's Role in a Modernized Long Term Care Systems


Strategy Brief: The Ombudsman Program and Caregiver Support


Strategy Brief: The Ombudsman Program and End of Life Issues in Long Term Care Facilities


Time and Leadership: Keys to Building Synergy Between State Ombudsman and State Aging Directors


Ombudsman Program Outcome Measures


Strategy Brief: Ombudsman Program Advocacy in Guardianship


Strategy Brief: The Ombudsman Program and Legislative Advocacy


Resource Brief: Ombudsman Program Memoranda of Understanding


Quality in Medicaid Assisted Living: The Ombudsman Program's Role and Perspective


Strategy Brief: Ombudsman Program Responses to Diversity


Medicare Rx: Ombudsman Program Preparations for Assisting LTC Residents


Legal Counsel and Representation of the Ombudsman Program


Strategy Brief: Ombudsman Program Involvement in Nursing Home Transition Activities


LTC Ombudsman Talk About Guardianship


Best Practices: Ombudsman and Aging I&R/A Programs


Long Term Care Ombudsman Programs: Structure, Responsibilities, Quality and Funding


Volunteer Consultants: Extending Reach of Ombudsman Programs


Obtaining Medicaid Funding for the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program: The Experience of Eight States



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