MLTSS Institute

The MLTSS institute is a collaboration between NASUAD members and national Medicaid health plans intended to drive improvements in key MLTSS policy issues, facilitate sharing and learning among states, and provide direct and intensive technical assistance to states and health plans.

All three focus areas of the Institute include the common themes of: 1) building state agency capacity; 2) fostering innovation at the state level; and 3) providing a feedback loop to the federal policy dialogue.



Direct State Technical Assistance

As part of the MLTSS Institute, NASUAD and consultants on retainer, as needed and appropriate, will provide intensive, state-specific technical assistance on a wide range of MLTSS issues.These may include:

  • Presentations to state leadership, legislators and providers on national MLTSS trends and implications for state on implementation and oversight
  • Serve as a national subject matter expert in meetings with key advisory boards and taskforces in the community to chart short and long term planning objectives. 
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on quality strategies/measures
  • Writing or editing state‚Äôs managed care authority documents (SPAs or waivers); MLTSS RFPs or managed care contracts
  • Development and/or review of MCO readiness review tool and recommendations for addressing MLTSS program elements, including participation on readiness reviews if requested

MLTSS Policy Academy

The policy academy will bring together selected national thought leaders on a variety of MLTSS topics to identify practices or activities that have shown demonstrable impact. For example, it has been documented[1]  that strong state oversight of MLTSS contracts is key to successful programs; however, state resources are limited.  The policy academy would articulate alternative approaches to rigorous oversight and contractor management, leading to white papers or issue briefs documenting those findings.  Other topics might include network adequacy, employment supports, housing, social determinants of health, and pay-for-performance.

State and Health Plan Collaboratives

NASUAD will sponsor semi-annual in-person roundtables. Each roundtable or collaborative will focus on 2-3 topics of interest from a variety of perspectives.  NASUAD will bring in national experts as well as Federal policy officials, where appropriate, to spur lively and fruitful exchange of information and problem-solving.   

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