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Financial Well-being of Older Americans

This report explores the factors that are associated with the financial well-being of older Americans. It looks at the association of financial well-being and a range of topics including employment and retirement; housing situation; debt; family and living arrangement; health-related experience; and financial knowledge, skill, and behavior. The findings indicate that, in general, financial well-being increases with age into the late seventies, then declines.

Short URL: http://www.nasuad.org/node/71052

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Workplace Accommodations: Low Cost, High Impact

This report from the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) analyzes the benefits and costs of workplace accommodations. JAN publishes this annual report using data from a survey they conduct with employers who contact them for specific information about workplace accommodations and/or the ADA. This year's results show that the majority of accommodations, 59 percent, were cost-free, while the typical cost of other accommodations was $500.

Short URL: http://www.nasuad.org/node/70924

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Has the Promise Been Kept? Federal Enforcement of Disability Rights Laws

This report assesses the degree to which the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the U.S. Access Board have addressed the recommendations issued in the 2000 NCD report, "Promises to Keep: A Decade of Federal Enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act". NCD also uses the framework developed in this previous report to evaluate how various agencies implement and enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act and other federal disability rights laws and programs.

Short URL: http://www.nasuad.org/node/70860

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National Disability Employment Policy, From the New Deal to the Real Deal: Joining the Industries of the Future

This report is a follow-up to NCD's 2012 report discussing Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act. This 2018 report assesses the status of Section 14(c) employment, explores trends regarding American workers with disabilities being paid below minimum wage, and highlights recent policy changes impacting this employment model. NCD also makes recommendations for building capacity for supported employment services and changing pay structures.

Short URL: http://www.nasuad.org/node/70828

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AARP Employment Data Digest September 2018

AARP's Public Policy Institute (PPI) publishes a monthly update on employment numbers for people ages 55 and over. This report draws from monthly data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. AARP PPI has recently released its September 2018 version of the digest. The unemployment rate for people ages 55 and older declined to 2.8 percent, but the percentage of long-term unemployed ages 55+ increased to 34.6 percent.

Short URL: http://www.nasuad.org/node/70803

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States Expand Employment and Training Opportunities for People with Disabilities

This recently released white paper explains the barriers to employment faced by people with disabilities and highlights areas where governors can help people with disabilities overcome the challenges they may face in seeking employment. The strategies in this paper were developed following a learning lab meeting with states to discuss ways to take advantage of pools of untapped talent and ensure that workforce development and hiring policies are inclusive of people with disabilities.

Short URL: http://www.nasuad.org/node/70777

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AARP Employment Data Digest July 2018

AARP's Public Policy Institute (PPI) publishes a monthly update on employment numbers for people ages 55 and over. This report draws from monthly data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. AARP PPI has recently released its July 2018 version of the digest. Despite the overall labor force participation rate declining, the rate for people ages 55 and older increased slightly to 40.2 percent. The unemployment rate for people ages 55+ remained at 3.1 percent for the third consecutive month.

Short URL: http://www.nasuad.org/node/70748

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The Value of Experience: AARP Multicultural Work and Jobs Study

This survey gathered insights from workers 45+ and asked questions regarding their experiences in the workplace, especially regarding age discrimination. Sixty-one percent of older workers report that they’ve seen or experienced age discrimination in the workplace. Among those concerned about losing their job in the next year, one-third list age discrimination as a reason.

Short URL: http://www.nasuad.org/node/70672

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Employing People with Disabilities: Lessons from Kessler Foundation’s Signature Employment Grants

This paper examines the success of grants given to initiatives that address the employment gap between people with and without disabilities. Independent evaluations identified five elements which were common to successful projects, namely, 1) A focus on changing attitudes about people with disabilities and their ability to work, 2) A person-centered approach to employment, 3) Technological platforms or model documentation, 4) Strong community partnerships, and 5) Wraparound services.

Short URL: http://www.nasuad.org/node/70602


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