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Addressing Social Isolation and Loneliness Among People Living With Dementia

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This webinar will discuss strategies programs can use to address social isolation and loneliness among people with dementia who live alone. During the event, presenters will review increased risk factors for people living alone with dementia and cover the most needed services. The webinar will also discuss how you can optimize care delivery for persons who live alone with dementia. 

Promoting Access to Transportation Options with the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center

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The National I&R Support Center will host a webinar on Promoting Access to Transportation Options with the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center. Transportation is one of the most frequently requested services in I&R conversations, and is a foundation for community living. At the same time, I&R specialists may be challenged to connect individuals to transportation options.

Isolation and Loneliness

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This webinar focuses on the impacts that isolation and loneliness can have on older adults. Participants will learn the warning sings of isolation and failing health in older adults. This includes physical symptoms, mental or emotional changes, and environmental clues. The webinar will also provide a list resources and supports for older adults and their families to help them feel more connected.

When the Guardian is an Abuser

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Although guardians are intended to protect adults from abuse, neglect, or exploitation, they may in some rare circumstances become perpetrators of such actions. This webinar from NCLER will highlight cases in which guardians have taken advantage of their positions and discuss what an advocate can do to intervene.

Stronger Together: Elder Justice Tools for WEAAD and Beyond

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The National Center on Elder Abuse is hosting a webinar in recognition of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (June 15). This webinar will showcase innovations highlighting all the latest in-demand tools created by organizations that are committed to providing consumer and professional education, and dedicated to the goal of justice for all. The event will feature presenters from a variety of organizations, including:

Access to Public Benefits for Older Immigrants

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This webinar will discuss the unique challenges older adults who are immigrants face accessing public benefits. This webinar will provide a basic overview of the differing eligibility criteria for various public benefits. The presenters will use hypothetical situations to illustrate how a person’s immigration status and work history affect their eligibility and provide practice tips and resources to use to help clients access health care and other benefits. 

Caring for our aging homeless population: Challenges and solutions

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Older adults make up half of all people in housing programs for the homeless. As the senior population ages, this will put tremendous strains on the social safety net, with increased dual enrollment in Medicaid and Medicare, higher incidence of chronic illness and emergency room use, and lower life expectancy. Join Robyn Stone, Senior Vice President of Research at LeadingAge, as she details the extent of the problem, the potential solutions, and promising programs that can meet the needs of seniors most at risk.


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