NASUAD Leaders

2018 NASUAD Board of Directors

The NASUAD Board of Directors consists of an overseeing board of seven Executive Officers. Regional representatives serve to represent the views of the states in their regions and to keep the general membership informed of NASUAD activities. 



Duane Mayes, Director
Alaska Division of Senior & Disability Services
Anchorage, AK

Vice President

Curtis Cunningham, Assistant Administrator 
Long-Term Care Benefits & Programs, Division of Medicaid Services
Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Madison, WI


Kathleen Dougherty, Chief, Managed Care Operations
Division of Medicaid & Medical Assistance
Delaware Health & Social Services
New Castle, DE


Nels Holmgren, Director
Utah Division of Aging & Adult Services
Salt Lake City, UT


Alice Bonner, Secretary
Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs
Boston, MA

Kari Benson, DHS Director
Aging & Adult Services Division
Minnesota Department of Human Services
St. Paul, MN

Kathy Bruni, Director  
Community Options Unit
Connecticut Department of Social Services
Hartford, CT

NASUAD Public Policy Committee 

Sub-committee on Medicaid & Long-Term Services and Supports 


Kathleen Dougherty, Chief, Managed Care Operations
Delaware Division of Medicaid & Medical Assistance


 Kevin Bagley, Director 
 Utah Bureau of Authorization and Community Based Services

 Heather Leschinsky, Deputy Director 
 Nebraska Medicaid & Long-Term Care

 Jessica BaxDirector
 Missouri Division of Senior & Disability Services

 Duane Mayes, Director 
 Alaska Senior and Disabilities Services

 Kathy Bruni, Director 
 Connecticut Department of Social Services

 Eunice Medina, Administrator
 Florida Agency for Health Care Administration

 Lee Grossman, Administrator
 Wyoming Behavioral Health Division

 Jean Perrotta, Waiver Program Manager
 Montana Senior & Long Term Care Division 

 Colin Laughlin, Division Director
 Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing

 Bea Rector, Acting Assistant Secretary                      
 Washington Aging and Long-Term Support Administration     



Sub-committee on Aging & Disability Policy 


Nels Holmgren,
Utah Division of Aging & Adult Services                                                            


 Kari Benson, Director
 Minnesota Department on Aging

 Beverly Laubert, Director
 Ohio Department of Aging

 Michael BrewerCoordinator
 Missouri Division of Senior & Disability Services 

 Robin Lipson, Chief of Staff
 Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs

 Lora Connolly, Director
 California Department of Aging

 Brian Majeski, Director
 Iowa Department on Aging   

 Monica Hutt, Commissioner    
 Vermont Department of Disabilities, Aging, and Independent Living

 Carrie Molke, Director
 Wisconsin State Unit on Aging 

 Kyky Knowles, Acting Cabinet Secretary
 New Mexico Aging & Long-Term Services Department

 Teresa Osborne, Secretary                     
 Pennsylvania Department of Aging   
 Rona Kramer, Secretary 
 Maryland Department on Aging
 Lisa Osvold, Senior Administrator                    
 Wyoming Aging Division

Current NASUAD Bylaws